Design & Professional Services Case Study

Many potential projects now require rapid response feasibility studies to ascertain if there is a business case for the development of the work. This usually requires a study to include process impact, potential equipment and facilities upgrades along with associated cost analysis and business cost-benefits. There is often a requirement to establish a business case with little pre-spend and with challenging timescales – this is where Epsilon can help.

Epsilon have undertaken a large number of such projects many of which have been developed into full-scale solutions. These projects vary in complexity and detail, to illustrate the variety and breadth of work we have recently been involved in recent design studies include:

A new downflow booth and facilities modification.Design study value £8000
Turnkey project value £106,000
Modifications to high containment small-scale solid dose equipment and potential upgrades.Design study £11,000
Execution of upgrades – ongoing £188,000
Installation of aerosol filling line and facility/utility modifications and impact.Feasibility study £5,500
Detail design £23,000
Full turnkey project £480,000
Introduction of a new wash bay within an existing area.Design study £6,000
Installation of capsule filling lines and facility upgrades.Design study £7,500
Gas module upgrade (N2) capacity problem.Design study £4,000
Full project £48,000

Impact assessment for the transfer of a new OSD product to site requiring throughput modelling, facilities and utilities impact, layouts, equipment costs and mitigation of existing business interruption.

Feasibility Study for the introduction of a high potent compound to the site. This required full assessment of logistics, containment, throughput analysis, layouts, utilities and facilities plus associated costs to 25% accuracy.