Design Studies

Once a potential project is identified, it is important to spend time during the early stages to explore the objectives and all the possible options to define how the required goals may be realised. Epsilon Pharmaservices can work alongside our clients to provide Feasibility and Front End Studies to ensure that these goals are achievable.

When improvements are required for a process or equipment upgrade there are a number of limiting factors which have to be taken into account; resources, cost, safety, time and quantifying the benefit.

A front end study can often answer these questions but discussing the project with all disciplines concerned including production, quality assurance, validation departments, engineering and purchasing can take up a considerable amount of time.

Importantly it’s about making sure we do the right project within demanding timeframes and keeping within budget to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Impact assessment with the transfer of a new OSD product to site requiring throughput modelling, facilities and utilities impact, layouts, equipment costs and mitigation of existing business interruption.

Feasibility Study for the introduction of a high potent compound to the site. The Impact Study required full assessment of logistics, containment, throughput analysis, layouts, utilities and facilities plus associated costs to 25% accuracy.

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