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Time spent validating equipment will allow us to increase effectiveness and ensure good engineering practices are being followed and documented. However the overall benefit to validation is achieving an overall reduction in costs.

Our validation services include:

  • Retrospective validation
  • Benchmarking equipment prior to modifications and upgrades
  • Installation and operational protocols targeted at equipment upgrades
  • Bespoke installation and operational qualification protocols
  • Execution of the qualification
  • Design qualification


In order to ensure repeatability of a process the measurement recording and display system must be calibrated on a regular basis. Epsilon offer documented traceable calibration of equipment by qualified engineers on a one off or annual contract basis.


The importance of high quality training has never been greater and this should not be forgotten in the case of equipment modifications and upgrades. Epsilon can provide tailored programmes to suit operators, supervisors and engineering discipline alike.

Our training packages are structured to include theory and hands on practical experience.


Companies are constantly looking for ways of improving working practices and getting the most out of their equipment. To enable this to happen equipment needs to be regularly serviced and maintained.

Epsilon will review your needs and provide a tailored service to match your requirements. This can include out of hours working to minimise downtime, agreement of scheduling and updating equipment history files.

Preventative maintenance contracts can be set up covering a period of years for a variety of process equipment. Our work is backed by stringent written method procedures.

Legislative Compliance

Effective management of regulatory and legislative issues is fundamental to the success of any organisation or project. Managed properly these issues should not cause unnecessary strains on the business, but can bring substantial benefits through improved efficiency, risk reduction and enhanced corporate reputations.

Epsilon can help and offer advice in the following areas:

  • SHE
  • CE Marking

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