Large scale stainless nitrogen purged vessel assembly to Ireland

With our partner Belmont Fabrications Limited, Epsilon have provided a significant investment for an Irish client who required the design, supply and installation of a high-end GMP batching OSD coating preparation skid. This required two stainless vessels 3600 litres and 1800 litres with fully pumped and monitored transfer system using load cells and closed loop controls, clean in place, special under driven mixing heads and the system was provided with nitrogen purging and a complete HMI PLC control system 21 CFR pt 11. Due to the size of the equipment to be installed in an existing facility this needed a modular design to allow the equipment to be pre-tested complete with coating materials and nitrogen inerting at FATs prior to full disassembly, shipping and reinstallation by us at the user facility. A stainless platform completed the design which again required reassembly on site. Project cost circa €700,000.