Risk mitigation – safety improvements

There is an increased awareness of hazardous areas (ATEX) in the workplace and several pharma-companies are reviewing and updating their DEAR/ATEX assessments; this has highlighted a number of opportunities where increased safety can be implemented with two examples illustrated below –

Upgrading of powder additions and product transfer systems with new Earth Proving Controllers designed and supplied by Epsilon based on NG Earth-Rite standard units made project specific including improved cGMP. This required the design and installation of 9 earth proving interlocked sockets for mobile equipment that deals with solvent mixing and agitation for dispensary and solution make up – for further details please ask

A recent incident at a secondary manufacturing facility required a fast-track investigation and solution to the problem. Epsilon were tasked to supply/install a number of Earth Proving Systems interlocked to powder loading and materials transfer dealing with hybrid solvent/dust mixtures.